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Here, we pride ourselves on an experience unlike any other and we want you to feel that before you even step through our front door. Because, our bridal boutique is more than a place for you to peruse designer dresses, it’s our corner of Cleveland and where we want you to feel safe to be yourself.

Welcome to Harper + Ivory


Hi—we’re Marina and Sara! Two fashion obsessed and wedding-loving women who are thrilled you’re here. Because, we didn’t found Harper + Ivory for every bride, we founded it for you. For the woman who knows what she wants, what makes her happy, and is willing to do the work to make it happen.

That’s why when we found this space, we knew it would be our place to connect with you. Every day, we have the pleasure of hearing the most romantic love stories, the biggest plans, and most audacious dreams—all while you try on hard-to-find wedding dresses until there is one that makes your smile say, “This is the one.”

Need a tissue or a top off? We’re here for it all!

In a private changing room for you and your besties to sit, sip, and swoon

An intimate experience

Who will carefully listen to what you want and help you find styles that speak to you

Your own consultant

Because it’s not just another day—it’s the day you found your wedding dress

A day to remember

in 2021.

Harper + Ivory was founded:

whatever the hell they want.

Women can do:

having a dance party.

When Sara isn’t working, you’ll find her:

out at a restaurant.

When Marina isn’t working, you’ll find her:

for a decade or more!

We both have been in the wedding industry:

popular restaurant

Our building used to be a:

Fun Facts About Us

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